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Our Company

No job is too small

We are a small company specializing in Design and Build of Specialty Equipment that helps improve your facility through-put, ergonomics, safety and profitability.

Since our humble beginnings, we have patented a Roll Wrapper that not only Axial Wraps rolls but also adds Foam Edge Protection to both the leading and trailing edges of the roll.  Beyond our Wrapper we have designed and built equipment ranging from Pallet Dispensers to Shaft Extractors from Upenders to Belt Conveyors and Bucket Tumbling Mixers to Screw Mixers in a Hopper.  All of which we have incorporated to create complete Systems. 

We have designed and built systems from Radially Wrapping and Weighing Large Non-Woven Rolls to Axially Wrapping Rolls of Plastic from Crushing, Sorting by size and Batch Weighing Powdered Chemicals to Robotic Pack-off Systems and Manual Pack-off Systems. 

No job is too small ~ contact us today!

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